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Mold Air Testing

Why Should You Consider Air Testing for Mold?

How important is air testing for mold?

Mold is a microscopic fungi that thrives in damp, humid, and warm conditions. It begins to form with in 24 hours after water intrusion, and can survive in harsh environments. There are many serious health risks involved with mold. For this reason, it is imperative to have professional mold remediation done by a certified technician. For more information about mold, remediation, and it's health risks, please click the link below.

When should you

air test for mold?

  • 24 hours after water intrusion
  • If you can see mold in your home/ business
  • If there is a musty or damp odor in the suspected area
  • Before and after mold remediation

If you suspect you may have mold, or are not sure and are in need of an air test, please do not wait.

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